“Sheridan, Wyoming wasn’t the first place on my Wyoming bucket list. Hell, it didn’t even make the second or third spot on that list. But that’s exactly why I had to go there. You see, this year I’ve been making it a point to see those towns that I normally wouldn’t. To go beyond those cities that travel writers like me typically cover and discover those places that haven’t been given the chance that they deserve. So, that’s how I ended up in Sheridan. A town that doesn’t get any more Wild West thanks to a colorful history, fascinating locals, and almost impossible to get to access. (Seriously, you have to take a very tiny charter plane from Denver – which also stops in Riverton, Wyoming during the flight – just to get there.) But if you think about it, aren’t these usually the elements of a great destination?

And once I finally did arrive, it was like I stepped onto a movie set straight out of my favorite Western – and I don’t mean that in a way that’s tacky and over the top, I mean that in a way that’s authentic. A way that makes your travel loving heart skip a beat. And that? That’s a feeling you don’t come across often these days.

So, welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming, the Cowboy State’s coolest small town.”

Source:  Wilson, Brenna. “36 Hours In Sheridan, Wyoming: The Cowboy State’s Coolest Small Town.” Forbes December 19, 2017.