“To Paul Wallop, who currently runs the Canyon Ranch, the Countess of Carnarvon is Aunt Jeanie and the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, beloved godson to the Queen, is his cousin.

Wallop has visited Highclere on a number of occasions including a summer after graduating high school when he worked on the estate farming.

‘I went over and trained with their head game keeper when we were beginning to set up our driven bird hunt operation here,” he said. “We now have a game shoot, much like they do in England, so I went over and studied with them on how they raise their pheasants and such.’

Wallop’s other stays at Highclere have included his honeymoon, family vacations and his most recent trip to see his cousin just last summer.”

Source:  Brantz, Alisa. “Film site for ‘Downton Abbey’ has local ties.” The Sheridan Press February 27, 2015.