The Big Horn Mountains and the surrounding foothills offer the very best fly fishing in Wyoming. Beautiful alpine streams and lakes in the Bighorn National Forest are just a short drive from the ranch. Waters in the area support healthy populations of brook, brown, rainbow, cutthroat and even grayling. Both novice and the seasoned fly fisherman will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable Wyoming fly fishing.

Paul’s Perspective

I personally do not much enjoy fishing popular waters, which often have many other fishermen competing for prime locations. Instead, I prefer to fish for wild fish in wild places. I have fond memories of large trout I have caught in well-known waters of the west but the experiences I relish and stories I tell most often come from days catching fish in remote waters where beautiful surroundings and the day’s adventures make the trip memorable. This is not to say that I dislike catching big fish. Rather, I enjoy the thrill of catching any fish that is a “trophy” in relative terms, to the waters of the day. I am always excited by the chance that the one fish, which has beaten the average and outgrown the general population, will rise from the depths of a picturesque “hole” and take my fly.

I remember a day and place on Little Goose Creek where I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the perfect drift to an eddy on the opposite side of the creek where a fish was sure to be hiding. This particular eddy was covered with the natural foam created by swift water flowing along a rock wall upstream from the eddy. After many attempts, I finally got the drift I needed, and then, just after the fly disappeared into the foam, a beautiful, wild brown trout about 14 inches long leaped through the foam completely out of the water taking my fly. I have caught larger fish but that one will always be remembered as a favorite because it was so much fun. I will forever have the memory of the fish turning over in the air above the foam while I set the hook. This is what it is about for me – the fun and thrill of being in the mountains and catching fish in magnificent surroundings and building a memory to be reflected upon later at home or in the office.