“Never let it be said that Big Horn is unaccustomed to big shots.

Teddy Roosevelt himself shot bull elk on the black-lava mountain ridge nearby. Ernest Hemingway wrote “Wine of Wyoming” in a cabin outside this petite prairie pit stop, which has a population of 217 humans and about the same number of horses. Cary Grant once strolled both blocks of the main street. That history may explain why people here say they will be somewhat underwhelmed Friday afternoon when a long limousine carrying Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, Sovereign Head of the British Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith, is due to arrive in this tiny town and pull up to the white frame house at 56 Canyon Ranch Rd.

Her Majesty will spend four days there, at the apron of the ruggedly beautiful Big Horn mountains, with her dear friend Lady Porchester, nee Jean Margaret Wallop, a Big Horn native and sister of another prominent Big Hornian, Sen. Malcolm Wallop (R-Wyo.).”

Source:  Reid, T.R. “Big Horn Awaits the Queen.” The Washington Post October 12, 1984.