“The Indian Paintbrush Festival is among the many, many things the passing of Senator Malcolm Wallop brings back to memory. On a hot afternoon on August 24, 2004, festival attendees enjoyed an afternoon on a hillside at Canyon Ranch near Big Horn to hear music by Bob Wyatt and his bagpipes, the Craft Brothers, the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, and John Hiatt.

As Sandra Wallop, Indian Paint Brush Festival founder, once said about her father-in-law, former U.S. Senator Malcolm Wallop. “It’s kind of like I went to him and said, ‘Oh, do you mind if I have a party and invite 1,500 of my friend that I don’t know?’ and he said, ‘Sure.’ I’m not sure I would have said yes, but he did.” Malcolm was that way and allowed the fourth-generation family ranch to be used as the venue for the festival for several years.”

Source:  “Senator Malcolm Wallop @ Indian Paintbrush Festival 2004.” Sheridan Media.